Drugs are wild, right? There are so many different kinds out there, and if you were a drug user like me, you wanted to experience each high for yourself.

It was kind of like wine taste testing, you know? There were subtle hints and differences to each one that I wanted to be able to detect and experience so that I could pick my favorite out of the lot.

I am not trying to make drug use sound fun by any means, just trying to explain my experiences to you. I could have been a drug connoisseur that’s how much focus, time, and effort I wasted on my drug use.

Klonopin was obviously my drug of choice thanks to my anxiety, and I had the most experience when it came to this one. Other drugs I would just try the one time, but this one was the ultimate wine for me, the $30,000 vintage wine stored deep in the cellar behind bars.

Yeah, Klonopin and I had a severe crazy relationship that no one else was allowed to intrude in on.

People often ask me does Klonopin get you high or how much Klonopin to get high. I don’t really like explaining some of that in detail, but yeah it gets you high, and you can take quite a bit. I’m not gonna give exact dosages here cause I’m not a freaking pharmacy.

Klonopin recreational use isn’t as common as other drugs, so I definitely stand out in my abuse of it. But it does give you a buzz.

So taking clonazepam is what helped my anxiety. It was really the only thing that curbed a panic attack right in the spot and could help with my muscle aches and racing thoughts. It helped me be a human being in times where I felt like nothing but a bunch of jumbled and discordant notes.

The euphoria comes after you take a few too many pills at once. You’re supposed to take just enough to help with the panic and no more, cause this stuff is addictive. Yeah, I learned that.

The high was really nice. Made me feel less panic, more relaxed, and ready to take on the world! I was suddenly a social butterfly and the life of the party, the main character in class.

But the downs afterward were hard, and I’d get reckless and depressed.

Guys, take it from me, don’t do drugs.