Personal Journal

This blog is a journal where I share my journey from drug use to life after addiction. I don’t sugar coat anything about my addiction to Klonopin. It’s important for people to see the profound effect it had on my life and how it almost took my life.

By sharing the pain of my past and what I almost lost, I hope to inspire others to make the choice to change.

No Lost Causes

This blog is also a way for me to show others that there’s a life after addiction. Many people in active addiction believe that that is their lot in life. They believe they’ll always be an addict and that there’s no way out. I want to show them they’re wrong, and that there’s hope. No one should ever feel like they’re a lost cause.

To anyone reading this: if you are in active addiction, as long as you’re alive there’s hope. There’s a chance to change and come clean. But no one can make that choice for you. Only you can.


This blog also features posts and articles about prevention. I’m a father of two almost-teens, and I know the types of fears and questions parents have. Parents often want to know what to look for or avoid, or how to talk to their kids about drugs. Parenting is scary, so I try to offer moms and dads any help they need to educate their kids about substance abuse.

I offer education classes (online and in person) for both middle school and high school. I teach teens about the different types of drugs, what to avoid, and what to do with conditions that would normally be medicated (anxiety, ADHD, depression, etc.). I discuss coping mechanisms for those who choose not to take medications. For those who do decide to take the pills (legally), I also explain how to monitor dosages to avoid taking more than needed closely.

Sometimes, knowing what to look out for is enough to keep kids from going the wrong way. And if I can help someone not to choose drugs, then I have completed my mission.


This blog will soon feature material about anti-bullying in schools (including cyberbullying). Along with my talks about drugs and addiction at the schools, I conduct anti-bullying seminars.

Bullying in school eventually led to my psychological issues and contributed to me taking drugs in the first place. Part of my desire to prevent drug abuse is to also stop kids from bullying one another.